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Jenny Mount

Resident Artist


A Bit About Me

I have always made art, starting with drawing and sewing. My formal training in sculpture, figure drawing, graphic design, and illustration began at San Francisco City College, excelling in assemblage sculpture... I continued my education at California College of the Arts majoring in Sustainable Fashion. I developed a passion for garments that are designed for a particular user, from cyclists to what would become my career as a metal fabricator. I have years of experience and research ready for workwear for a women's line that is currently in the works with my studio at Seaport Studios in Richmond, CA.


I learned metal fabrication by happenstance by meeting someone right as I needed a sewing table for my then studio. I asked for resources to acquire tables, and they showed me how to make one instead. This was the beginning of my love affair with steel. At that time, the Department of Spontaneous Combustion was in Oakland, where I learned everything I knew about fabrication, flame effects, and mechanics. My role there grew in our collective shop of friends, where I took on the role of the shop manager, maintaining machinery, repairing, and organizing the shop. When the DSC moved to Seaport Studios, I had the great opportunity to broaden my skill set and work for Engineered Artworks, Clay and Steel Blacksmithing, and Element 26 Metal Fabrication.


Justice is the first large-scale art piece I designed based on a friend's suggestion to "design a sculpture, we will put fire on it and take it to Burning Man." I called his bluff,  came up with a design that week, and now Justice in a Burning Man Honoraria project.

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