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Justice made it to Burning Man!
We Did It!

Now she needs a place to call home



Thank you gifts & Auction Items


Our sculpture will be a twenty-foot tall steel sculpture of Lady Justice with a spinning base turning a halo creating a moire effect, ambient flaming scales and halo, and a sword with an explosive flame.

Justice is a steel sculpture of a blindfolded woman holding scales, and a sword, all highlighted with flame effects. She stands upon a pedestal with bars for ambulatory participants or in wheelchairs to push, turning the base making the halo disc behind her head turns, creating a moire effect and setting off a "poofer" in her sword.

Justice stands as a beacon of hope with her raised sword flickering with flame, a call to action to lead the way and bring light to the state of our justice system. The pedestal is adorned with words about Justice to inspire and remind us of what this concept means: equality, dignity, rights, respect, hope, and liberty. Braille type is also used below, visually stopping cracks of the pedestal from creeping up the sides.


The project is meant to draw in the viewer to contemplate the role of the justice system, women, equality, and icons in today's society.

Why do we choose women to represent our institutions?
Is it Inclusion or tokenism? Justice invites us to explore these and other questions about the role of the feminine in our society. Justice is modeled after the artist, in all her curves and imperfection, as a tribute to the acceptance of the feminine in all her forms in our world. We hope this piece will foster a timely discussion and reflection on our shifting relationship with the feminine and our core social institutions in the wake of all the disruptions we are experiencing.

The pedestal is engraved with our core values, dignity, equality, rights, and integrity, and we hope this will leave participants with a heartened sense of return to themselves. Hope is central to this piece and inspires us to encourage and become leaders and support groups that fight for Justice in all forms. The pilot, on the top of the sword, is drawn in a rousing call to action and will be a constant beacon on the Playa of Black Rock City.

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I hope you enjoyed reviewing my art project!
Please get in touch if you want to hear more!
Feel free to email me, Jenny Mount, at the following email:

Non-Profit Info Make Donation Checks Payable to:
DSC, Metal Collective  (5013c)
EIN:  83-1213153

Mail To: 4925 Seaport Ave Richmond, CA 94804

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