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Art Lovers Paradise Ridge Winery Wine Tasting

AUCTION ONLY- to bid go to 

A lovely wine tasting generously donated by the supporter of the arts Paradise Ridge Winery in Sonoma County wine country. Not only will you have a special wine tasting there is an incredible sculpture garden home of many past Burning Man art pieces, some of which are:

Storied Haven "The Boot" by lead artist Bree Hylkema with Five Ton Crane of Oakland and now Seaport Studios of Richmond, CA. Was shown at Burning Man in 2015. This beloved piece was built by many people in my community that are great supporters of Justice.


LOVE sculpture This 12-foot-tall piece is part of Laura Kimpton’s “Monumental Words” series, which started at Burning Man in 2009.


The EMPYREAN Temple build was completed in early February 2021 and stands as a beacon of inspiration and hope for a changing world. 
For up tp 6 Guests

Valued at $210

Paradise Ridge Winery:

Sculpture Garden:

Storied Haven & Five Ton Crane:

Laura Kimpton's LOVE: