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This is a beautiful piece by my dear friend Brian who made this especially to support Justice. 

Brian Enright is an interdisciplinary artist at Seaport Studios, making mixed media art from found materials; metal, wood, and historic artifacts.

From confiscated weapons to motorcycle tires and downed trees from the Sonoma County fires, his art is inspired by our critical connection to the land, the broken mythology and relationship that we have with it now, and what he sees as a path to a better future. 

His auction piece for Justice comes from his latest body of work, the Life:Force Collection. Part of which is a set of feathers made from found materials. The first part of the process is drawing the feather to scale, and in this case that is on roofing paper. You can call it poofing paper if you want though. 


Bidding at

Brian Enright's Life Force artwork on AUCTION ONLY